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    With the ‘boundaries’ that surround us as my long-time theme, I have been mainly creating and exhibiting installation artworks. A boundary, in my view, is an invisible space that is born of a plurality of objects, which exist side-by-side simultaneously, in a state of equilibrium.
    The type of boundary that I have been working with is not a mere border that sharply divides matters. Rather, it’s a series of events that takes place in an ambiguous setting, where matters gradually shift from one state to another, in both transformative and transitional ways.

    Although I studied architecture for my B.A., I became deeply interested in the subjects such as the possibilities of altered spatial recognition and understanding based on individual experiences, and the process of how a space turns into a place, instead of designing architectural space and concepts to achieve predetermined goals. Especially, I was so enthralled by the methods of expression, which are unattainable in ‘architecture.’
    My art production has recently been conducted with the aim to discover, through ‘spatial experiences,’ our unconscious behaviors and recognition in everyday life, which are controlled by the external forces, and to set them free in the subconscious.
    Adopting ordinary places and things, I create expressions that can only be experienced and felt in those particular places, where viewers can engage in a dialogue with the space that contains them, including objects set up on-site as well as chance occurrences.
    By using familiar materials, I provide the viewers with a structure of empathy, which I believe is like a universal/mythic experience that transcends the borders of the nations and the race.
    More specifically, I use everyday materials such as water, wood, adhesive, bells, rubber bands, and also take advantage of the imagery represented by such materials as tires and mirrors.
    I wish to explain a little more about the ‘boundaries’ and the surrounding areas that form the basis of my artistic expressions.
    It all started with my inquiry about the ‘boundaries’ in an architectural space.
    For example, if a column is made thicker and thicker for an architectural purpose, it will become an existence much like a wall, and if made thicker even, it will become nothing but a wall.
    So where can we draw a line that separates the column from the wall?

    In recent years, I have been exhibiting my art pieces that signify the ‘forces’ that are invisible to us, as a metaphor for capturing the essence of the ‘boundaries.’ By visualizing the forces, the existence of physical beings is interpreted in a broad sense of the word, theoretically and physically at times.
    As things and events transcend the lapse of time, or an anticipated scale and image, the elements of their original meanings are dissolved and purified to commence their expression of the true forces.
    It is my belief that a methodology to let ourselves loose from the powerful magnetic field that rules us in our unconscious realm and to be released into the subconscious can be found right here.